Polish Pottery Mug 12 Oz. in Grapevine Serenity Pattern
Polish Pottery Mug 12 Oz. in Grapevine Serenity Pattern

Polish Pottery Mug 12 Oz. in Grapevine Serenity Pattern

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Enjoy your favorite beverages in this 12 oz. mug, providing you with ample sipping pleasure.
Standing at 3.8" in height and with a diameter of 3.5", this mug offers a comfortable grip and a delightful visual presence.
Crafted with high-quality Polish stoneware, this mug promises long-lasting durability and exceptional heat retention.
Each mug is meticulously hand-painted by skilled artisans, making it a unique and treasured piece of art.
Bring the beauty of Boleslawiec, Poland, into your home and experience the charm of authentic Polish Pottery.
  • Capacity: 12 Oz.
  • Height: 3.8"
  • Diameter: 3.5"
  • Weight: 12 Oz.

Pattern: Grapevine Serenity 1366a
Manufacturer: Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec"
Material: Polish Stoneware
Origin: Boleslawiec, Poland

Dive into a daily retreat with the 12 Oz. Polish Pottery Mug in the Grapevine Serenity pattern. Uniquely crafted by the renowned artisans at Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec," this mug is a piece of Boleslawiec, Poland's rich heritage brought into your home. Let us walk you through the gentle aura that this pottery piece embodies, as we weave a narrative of serenity, craftsmanship, and tradition.

In the heart of Boleslawiec, the meeting point of creativity and craftsmanship, a piece of art takes form in the likeness of the Grapevine Serenity pattern. Bearing the distinctive identifier 1366a, the design beckons a connection to Poland's tranquil vineyards, an embodiment of the nation's vibrant natural bounty. Each curve and angle of the mug meticulously crafted, harmoniously marries functionality and aesthetic, promising you not just a mug, but an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Witness a serene dance of luscious grapes intertwined gracefully with delicate vines on a canvas of pure white, framed beautifully with a pristine white rim that adds an edge of sophistication to the design. It’s not just a pattern; it’s a storytelling canvas that narrates tales of timeless European elegance, taking you on a sojourn to the heart of Poland's tranquil vineyards with every glance.

Every day, as you cradle the gracefully designed mug, embracing its perfect diameter of 3.5 inches and height of 3.8 inches, you do not just hold a mug; you hold a piece of tradition, a fragment of a story spun in the historic land of Boleslawiec. It's not just about enjoying a beverage; it's about pausing to appreciate the little moments of bliss that life offers.

Be it a quiet morning with a book or a hearty laughter-filled evening with family, let the Grapevine Serenity Polish pottery mug be your companion, bringing with it a serenity that dances in harmony with nature and craftsmanship. This collection extends beyond mugs, sweeping you into a world of trays and butter dishes, each bearing the stamp of quality and tradition, waiting to grace your home with elegance and a touch of nature’s wonder.

The Grapevine Serenity Polish Pottery collection is more than just a set of ceramic products; it’s a gateway to experiencing moments of tranquility, a celebration of nature’s bounty and meticulous craftsmanship. It invites you to carve out moments of joy, peace, and reflection in your daily life, bringing the artful depictions of Poland's tranquil vineyards into your everyday moments.

Invest in more than just pottery; bring home a narrative of beauty, a testimony to skilled craftsmanship, and a slice of Poland’s rich heritage with the Grapevine Serenity Polish pottery mug from Boleslawiec. Step into a world where every sip is a journey to a serene landscape, and every look is a pathway to Poland’s natural beauty.

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