A Brief History of the Stoneware...

Polish Pottery originated as a folk art in the southwestern town of Boleslawiec. Thanks to rich deposits of stoneware clay occurring in the nearby Bobr River basin, the town gained the rank of an important pottery center as early as the 17th century. With early decorations inspired by the peacock feather, farmers in the area produced the original designs using carved potatoes to create patterns in earth-tone colors.

Today, artists continue this folk art using natural sea sponge to apply the lead-free paint to their creations. New colors, as well as variations of the traditional blue, green and sienna, have been added to the artists' color palette.


About the Pottery...

We following lines of stoneware: the Traditional Line, which includes the Floral Peacock 166a, Nature 41, Peacock 56, Happy Daisy 25 and Citrus 30 patterns, and the Signature Line, which consists of the 117 AR, 134 AR, 149AR, DU60, DU41 Blue Garden and Fantasia patterns.

The artists of the Signature Line are the most highly accomplished and earn the privilege of creating their own work from start to finish. Their pieces are hand-signed and designated as "Unikat," which simply means "unique." Because of the time and artistic talent required for these pieces, they are rare and command higher prices. Although the designs vary from the traditional to Unikat, the basic colors remain the same. This allows collectors of the stoneware to display their own personal style by mixing and matching patterns.

Each piece of stoneware is handmade and hand-painted. Due to the uniqueness of the pottery making/painting process, no two pieces of the stoneware are exactly alike. Variations in color, pattern and shape make each piece an individual work of art. In addition to being decorative, the stoneware is completely functional. Fired at temperatures in excess of 1350 degrees centigrade, it is oven, dishwasher, and microwave-safe. It is also lead- and cadmium-free and resistant to chips. The stoneware is so durable that it can be used as your everyday dinnerware!

A winning combination of function and beauty make Polish Pottery a striking addition to any stoneware dinner collection. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do!