Polish Pottery 16 oz Potbelly Mug Floral Peacock Fiesta Pattern
Polish Pottery 16 oz Potbelly Mug Floral Peacock Fiesta Pattern

Polish Pottery 16 oz Potbelly Mug Floral Peacock Fiesta Pattern

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Ideal Dimensions: Holds up to 16 oz of your favorite beverage with a height of 3 ¾" and a weight of 1 lb, perfect for daily use.
Versatile Use: Perfect for sipping morning coffee, evening tea, or any hot beverage in between.
Authentic Polish Craftsmanship: Handmade and hand-painted by the renowned artisans at Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec".
  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Height: 3 ¾"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

Pattern: Floral Peacock Fiesta
Manufacturer: Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec"
Material: Polish Stoneware
Origin: Boleslawiec, Poland

Step into the world of Boleslawiec, a place where pottery isn't just an art, but a living tradition. Our Polish Pottery 16 oz Potbelly Mug is a testament to this legacy, blending centuries-old techniques with contemporary design.

The Floral Peacock Fiesta Pattern is a celebration of color and life. Beginning with a pristine white rim, the design seamlessly unfolds to reveal a traditional floral peacock pattern. The vibrant motifs, intertwined with lively green stems, are more than just patterns; they're a narrative of joy, vitality, and the timeless beauty of nature. Every glance at this mug is a reminder of springtime gardens, where flowers bloom in abundance, and peacocks dance with their majestic plumes.

Crafted by the skilled hands at Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec", this mug is more than a mere vessel. It's a piece of history, molded from the finest Polish Stoneware. With a height of 3 ¾" and weighing 1 lb, it's designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee, indulging in an afternoon tea, or warming up with a hot cocoa, this mug promises an experience that's as delightful as its design.

But the allure of this mug isn't just in its appearance. Its robust construction ensures it's a companion for years, standing up to daily use while retaining its charm.

Embrace the spirit of Polish pottery. Whether you're adding to your collection, gifting a loved one, or introducing a touch of European elegance to your home, this Potbelly mug, with its Floral Peacock Fiesta Pattern, is a choice that marries tradition with modern aesthetics.

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