Polish Pottery Fermenting Pickling Crock Pot 3.6 liter / 3.8 quart Peacock Pattern
Polish Pottery Fermenting Pickling Crock Pot 3.6 liter / 3.8 quart Peacock Pattern

Polish Pottery Fermenting Pickling Crock Pot 3.6 liter / 3.8 quart Peacock Pattern

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Generous 3.6L/3.8Qt capacity for ample fermenting
Weighs 6 lbs, stands 7.25" tall without lid
Durable design built to last generations
Ideal for sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled cucumber, eggs & more
Thick walls ensure consistent fermentation temperature
  • Capacity: 3.6 liter / 3.8 quart
  • Height: 7.25" (with no lid)
  • Weight: 6 lbs
Pattern: Peacock
Manufacturer: Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec"
Material: Polish Stoneware
Origin: Boleslawiec, Poland

Unveiling a masterpiece where art and culinary expertise converge: our Handmade and Hand-painted Polish Pottery Fermenting Pickling Crock Pot. This embodiment of Poland's cherished pottery traditions promises not only to be a centerpiece in your kitchen but also a reliable companion in your fermenting adventures.

Boasting a spacious 3.6-liter (3.8 quarts) capacity, this fermenting crock pot has been meticulously crafted by the eminent Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec". Each curve and detail of this piece, weighing 6 lbs and standing gracefully at a height of 7.25" without its lid, is a testament to the masterful hands that shaped it. With its foundation in robust Polish Stoneware, it's engineered to resist the wear and tear of time, promising longevity and undying charm.

But it's the dazzling "Peacock Pattern" that truly sets this crock pot apart. Evoking the grandeur and beauty of the majestic peacock, the design spirals in vibrant hues and intricate details. Each feather, meticulously hand-painted, is a celebration of Poland's rich artistry, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any culinary space.

Beyond its visual appeal, this crock pot champions functionality. Whether you're diving into the zesty world of sauerkraut, exploring the tangy depths of kimchi, savoring the delightful texture of pickled eggs, or relishing the crunch of freshly pickled cucumbers, this vessel guarantees optimal fermentation conditions. Its sturdy walls are designed to maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring each batch you create is flavorful and packed with nutritional goodness.

In this Polish Pottery Fermenting Pickling Crock Pot, tradition marries functionality. Adorned with the enchanting Peacock Pattern, it transforms every fermenting session into an artful experience. Embrace the essence of Polish pottery, and let your culinary creations be a testament to a legacy of craftsmanship and flavor.

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