Polish Pottery Large Serving Platter in Azure Daisy Delight Design
Polish Pottery Large Serving Platter in Azure Daisy Delight Design

Polish Pottery Large Serving Platter in Azure Daisy Delight Design

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Price: $87.99
Item ID: 1007-du207
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Ideal for serving a variety of dishes with its size of 13.5" x 11"
Admire the Timeless Daisy Delight pattern, a vibrant celebration of traditional Polish pottery.
Experience the durability and beauty of high-quality Polish stoneware
Celebrate Polish heritage with this masterpiece from Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec."
Each platter carries the rich tradition of Boleslawiec, Poland, making it more than just a serving dish.
  • Length: 13.5"
  • Width: 11"
  • Weight: 2 lbs
Pattern: Azure Daisy Delight
Manufacturer: Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec"
Material: Polish Stoneware
Origin: Boleslawiec, Poland

Experience the Enchantment of the Azure Daisy Delight Platter

Introducing the exquisite large serving platter from the Azure Daisy Delight DU207 collection, a special creation by the renowned Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec." This singular piece encapsulates the heritage and rich tradition of Polish pottery, offering you a slice of Boleslawiec’s artistic mastery right in your dining space.

The Art of Polish Pottery at Your Table
Allow the distinctive features of the Azure Daisy Delight design to grace your dining experience with harmony and tranquility. This large serving platter, characterized by the enchanting blue daisy patterns set against a pristine white backdrop, echoes the quiet charm of azure fields, bringing a delightful touch to your gastronomic presentations. The gentle, harmonious blue rim naturally guides the eye towards the captivating floral pattern, where tradition meets serene beauty.

A Platter that Speaks to the Senses
Crafted meticulously in Boleslawiec, Poland, the birthplace of premium Polish pottery, this platter is more than a serving piece; it is a conversation starter, a statement of elegance, and a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. Every detail, from the pattern to the shape, has been carefully considered to provide not just a serving utility but a piece that adds harmony and joy to your daily life.

Functional Elegance Meets Tradition
Made from premium Polish stoneware, known for its durability and quality, the platter promises to be a long-lasting addition to your collection. It not only stands as a functional serving piece but also as a celebration of artistry, adding a splash of sophisticated beauty to your dining table, be it a casual family dinner or a formal gathering.

Discover the Joy of Azure Daisy Delight
Invite your guests to a delightful feast with the large serving platter from the Azure Daisy Delight DU207 collection, letting each meal become a picturesque event enveloped in the calming blue hues and the delightful patterns of Polish pottery. It’s not just a platter, but a gateway to experience the joy and serene beauty captured by the skilled artisans of Boleslawiec in every design.

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