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Polish Pottery Bowl 10 Inch, Unikat Signature Design 150 Art
Item ID: 1013-150ar
In Stock
Polish Pottery Salad Plate 7.5
Item ID: 814-150ar
In Stock
Soup Ladle in Poppies Polish Pottery Design
Item ID: 1367-150ar
In Stock
Large Oval Platter in Polish Pottery Poppies Unikat Design
Item ID: 1265-150ar
In Stock
Polish Pottery Vase in Unikat Poppies signed by artist
Item ID: 854-150ar
In Stock
Soup Tureen with Ladle Polish Pottery painted by Tomaszewska
Item ID: 1004/1367-150ar
In Stock
Polish Pottery Cross in Poppies Unikat Design
Item ID: 1089-150ar
In Stock
Polish Pottery Spoon Rest
Item ID: 1178-150ar
In Stock
Polish Pottery Mug 12 Oz.
Item ID: 1105-150ar
Out of Stock
Kitchen Utensil Holder Polish Pottery in Poppies Unikat Pattern
Item ID: 832-150ar
Out of Stock
Polish Pottery Ice Cream/Cereal  Bowl
Item ID: 971-150ar
Out of Stock
Fruit Bowl Polish Pottery Unikat Pattern painted by Agata Rusiecka
Item ID: 1643-150ar
Out of Stock
Polish Pottery Medium Oval Platter Poppies Unikat Design
Item ID: 1264-150ar
Out of Stock

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