Polish Pottery Hand Lemon Squeezer with Handle and Pour Spout
Polish Pottery Hand Lemon Squeezer with Handle and Pour Spout

Polish Pottery Hand Lemon Squeezer with Handle and Pour Spout

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Width: 5", Height: 2", Weight: 6 Oz. Lightweight and easy to handle for smooth squeezing without strain.
Functional Design: Designed with a handle and pour spout for convenient and mess-free juicing.
Effortless Citrus Juicing: Extract every drop of citrus goodness with ease using this hand lemon squeezer/juicer.
  • Width: 5"
  • Height: 2"
  • Weight: 6 Oz.

Pattern: Nature 41
Manufacturer: Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec"
Material: Polish Stoneware
Origin: Boleslawiec, Poland

Embrace Effortless Citrus Juicing with Polish Pottery - Hand Lemon Squeezer/ Juicer in Nature 41 Pattern

Discover the perfect tool for extracting every drop of citrus goodness with our Hand Lemon Squeezer/ Juicer. Crafted with love and expertise from Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec," this squeezer combines functionality with the timeless allure of Polish pottery.

Measuring 5" in width and 2" in height, this lemon squeezer is designed for easy handling and efficient juice extraction. Its lightweight of 6 ounces ensures smooth squeezing without any strain.

Adorned with the enchanting Nature 41 pattern, this juicer adds a touch of artistry to your kitchen. Hand-painted with delicate floral motifs, each stroke showcases the artistic finesse of Polish Stoneware craftsmanship.

Handcrafted from authentic Polish stoneware, this lemon squeezer is not only visually appealing but also built to last. The durable material ensures longevity, making it a reliable kitchen companion for your citrus juicing needs.

Experience the essence of Boleslawiec, Poland, as you welcome this unique piece of Polish pottery into your home. Zaklady Ceramiczne "Boleslawiec," with its rich heritage of craftsmanship, proudly imprints its signature on this juicer, signifying quality and tradition.

Effortlessly juice lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits with the Hand Lemon Squeezer/ Juicer in the Nature 41 pattern. Elevate your culinary experience and infuse your kitchen with the timeless beauty and functionality of Polish pottery.

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